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The objective of the Energy Savers program is to assist farmers reduce energy costs by supporting the accelerated adoption of improvements in on-farm energy use.

The program will achieve this objective by:

  • Understanding current energy usage in production operations and on-farm processing facilities
  • Auditing current operations and developing energy management plans
  • Developing financial evaluations of energy management proposals, including the return on investment

By conducting targeted audits of on-farm processing such as heating, cooling, lighting and irrigation, the program will identify potential savings and provide information on financing options.

The program will then develop information on energy efficiency best practice based on case studies about common growing and farming techniques for a wide range of agricultural sectors.


The program has occurred in two stages:


Irrigators Energy Savers Program 2013 – 2015

34 irrigation audits have been conducted on a number of farm and irrigation types throughout Queensland.

Energy Savers Plus 2015 – 2017

Up to 100 audits to be undertaken to identify energy savings opportunities in irrigation and on-farm processing.


What’s next?


Farmers will be assisted with the implementation of the recommended strategies and case studies will be developed throughout both programs as a way to demonstrate the benefits of these strategies to the wider industry.

This page will be a valuable resource where the farming community can access case studies and information on a range of farm energy efficiency practices.

QFF will work with its member bodies to develop the help farmers with energy efficiency n their specific industries.

The programs have been funded by the Queensland Government and delivered by Ergon Energy in Partnership with the Queensland Farmers’ Federation and its member bodies.


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Energy Savers Plus e-news

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