Queensland Farmers' Federation

The Queensland Farmers’ Federation (QFF) is the united voice of agriculture in Queensland, representing the collective interests of peak agriculture industry organisations (both state and national) to build a strong future for Queensland’s agriculture sector.

About QFF

Who we are

The Queensland Farmers’ Federation (QFF) is the united voice of agriculture in Queensland.

We are a member-based organisation representing the interests of peak agriculture industry organisations (both state and national). Through our members, QFF represents more than 13,000 primary producers across the cotton, cane, horticulture, dairy, nursery and garden, poultry, pork, and intensive animal industries.

We unite the sector to engage in a broad range of economic, social, environmental, and regional issues through advocacy, policy development, and project activity. We work with the government of the day on behalf of industry, farmers, and the community to provide powerful representation and contribution to the policy direction, sustainability, and future growth of Queensland’s agriculture sector.

Our Council of member representatives and policy committees set the strategic priorities for policy development and advocacy, while our Board ensures our corporate governance.

QFF draws on the expertise and industry knowledge of our members and through our commitment to collaboration and considered policy development, we lead Queensland’s agriculture sector towards a strong future, ensuring our members are ahead of the game and have a voice at the table on the issues that matter to their members.

Our policy and advocacy work

The QFF team are a group of highly skilled and committed professionals with technical expertise across the priority areas of our members. Our cutting-edge projects support innovative, sustainable practices on-farm, while our policy development is science-based and future focused.

Our priority areas include, but are not limited to:

  • Water
  • Energy
  • Workforce planning, including education and training and workplace health and safety
  • Environmental sustainability and natural resource management
  • Biosecurity
  • Farm business planning, including risk management and resilience building
  • Land use planning, regional development and co-existence
  • Waste management and resource recovery
  • Agriculture productivity
  • Animal welfare

Our guiding principles

At QFF we:

Ensure our members are well-informed on issues of strategic importance.

Demonstrate leadership and a positive approach to policy.

Work together to seek positive outcomes on issues of common interest.

Seek positive outcomes across economic, social, environmental, and regional matters.

Recognise and embrace diversity within the QFF membership to achieve acceptable solutions for all members.

Foster a culture which recognises that responsible natural resource management is an integral part of sound farm business management.

Work cooperatively and respectfully with all stakeholders.