Policy Advisor, Intensive Animal Industries

Dr Laurie Dowling

Laurie has previously worked in government as a regional manager for southeast Queensland in the Animal and Plant Health Service, overseeing numerous emergency responses and ongoing disease control programs such as Banana quarantine (black sigotoka) and Johnes Disease. Other areas include working as a poultry pathologist in the Yeerongpilly Veterinary Laboratory.

In 2021, Dr Laurie Dowling was appointed to the Queensland Farmers Federation as a policy advisor to the intensive animal industries with an aim to assist development and policy capacity in the egg, chicken meat, pork and dairy industries. The recent threats of Avian Influenza, African Swine Fever, Lumpy Skin Disease, Foot and Mouth Disease and Japanese Encephalitis has meant that biosecurity has become a priority part of her role.

Laurie’s background as a veterinarian in private practice, research, veterinary pathology, animal welfare (policy and regulation) and biosecurity give a solid foundation of the issues involved in the intensive animal industries and their application to agriculture.


You can contact Laurie via email here or over the phone at 07 3837 4735