Industry Recovery and Resilience Officer

Eloise Cosgrove

Eloise Cosgrove is one of the Industry Recovery and Resilience Officers (IRROs) for Queensland Farmers’ Federation. Eloise grew up on a mixed broadacre cropping and livestock operation between Cecil Plains and Dalby, where her solid foundation and passion for agriculture began. Furthering her studies in Agribusiness at Marcus Oldham College, Geelong, as well as going on to gain experience in various agribusinesses across Queensland, the Northern Territory and internationally, her experiences range across broadacre cropping, dairy, grazing, lot feeding and agri finance. Eloise is passionate about making genuine connections with peers and members across the agricultural industry, to contribute towards supporting primary producers in planning for a stronger, sustainable future.

The overall aim of the Industry Recovery and Resilience Officer program is to help primary producers recover from the impacts of the 2021-22 floods; to build resilience to the risks from future floods, with a better understanding about the risk and impact of flood to their farm business.

You can contact Eloise via email here or over the phone at 04 0926 5427