Policy Advisor, Water and Energy

Sharon McIntosh

Sharon McIntosh is an Environmental and Climate Change Scientist, Environmental Consultant, Science Communicator and advocate for conscious sustainable living. With a career spanning over 30 years, she worked in the financial industry before following her passion for the environment and fulfilling a variety of roles in environmental science with a background in soil, climate, and water science. She specialises in land resources and agriculture with an emphasis on water and issues surrounding water quality, and its intersection with the delivery of climate change strategies and solutions for water and food security.

Sharon is currently the Policy Advisor for Water and Energy for Queensland Farmers’ Federation (QFF). Overseeing QFF’s position on water and energy policy, Sharon helps shape QFF’s agenda in engaging stakeholders on issues of strategic importance to the productivity, sustainability and growth of the agricultural sector whilst providing solutions on the affordability, efficiency and reliability of energy and water for agriculture.

With a passion for rural communities and agriculture in both developing and developed countries, Sharon integrates her passion for climate change into all facets of decision making for food and water security whilst committed to helping create a sustainable future for all farmers, through a changing climate.


You can contact Sharon via email here or over the phone at 07 3837 4702