Agriculture Graduate Placement Program Coordinator

Timmothy Bradley

Born and raised on an intensive dairy and beef operation in South-East Queensland, Tim has been passionate about agriculture since a young age. In his career Tim has worked on cattle stations, and as a Training Coordinator for Agriculture and Land Management at the University of Queensland. Tim has a variety of diplomas and certifications in agriculture to support his practical experience.

In his current role as an Agriculture Graduate Placement Program Coordinator at the Queensland Farmers’ Federation, Tim’s role involves the creation of 36 early-career agricultural advisors to assist landholders and agribusinesses improve and adopt best management practices and digital technologies through the coordination of two new programs being delivered by QFF

Tim is passionate about the work he does which helps bolster the resilience of individuals farmers, as well as the wider agricultural sector.


You can contact Tim via email here or over the phone at 07 3837 4703