As the floodwaters recede, north Queensland farmers are beginning the difficult recovery process. For information about financial assistance and support services available, visit the Farmer Disaster Support website.

Risk Management

Queensland’s agricultural production systems and supply chain partners are continually exposed to natural disasters. These events impact on agricultural systems through the loss of livestock, crops and produce; damage to infrastructure, equipment and buildings; damage to standing crops; and erosion of land and waterways.

Like other sectors of the economy, agriculture can also be impacted by the loss of electricity supply and communication services; and community infrastructure particularly transport infrastructure.

Natural disaster increases stress for landholder and increase emotion strain, further adding to the physical damage these events can cause.

As agriculture continues to intensify, become more reliant on mechanisation and supply chains more integrated, the impact of natural disasters is likely to increase.

Our Experience

QFF has been involved in the management of a number of severe natural disasters including Cyclones Larry (2006) and Yasi (2011), the 2011 Queensland floods, flooding associated with Cyclone Oswald (2013), Cyclone Marcia (2015) and long term drought.  Our role in these events has been to manage the industry recovery programme, ensuring landholder can access the information, advice and support needed to recover. Learn more about QFF’s projects in natural disaster resilience and recovery HERE.

Natural Disaster Resilience

Planning and preparing for natural disaster is equally important work that complement the recovery work QFF undertake. Natural disaster resilience planning project are key to the agricultural sector’s response to natural disaster. QFF has taking a leading national role to the delivery of natural disaster resilience with state and national project aiming to reduce the impact of natural disasters on the agricultural sector through improved preparedness. The work conducted in this area was also predicted to have flow-on effects for supply chain partners and consumers.

Natural Disaster Farmer Support

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Natural disasters is available on a purpose-built QFF website: The site has a simple postcode and industry search function that provides a one stop shop of all industry specific, local, state, federal and not-for-profit assistance available in your local area.

The service is designed for Farmers from all industries and is designed to save farmers time and frustration in the aftermath of an event. This site has been built by industry for industry to get you back on your feet and better prepared for the next event.

Risk Management – Insurance

QFF is also researching the impacts of insurance as a risk management tool. Currently the types of crop insurance available to the intensive agricultural sector is very limited. Through research project with Universities, Insurance Industry and Industry we aim to highlight the opportunities for insurance to become a viable risk management tool for farmers in Queensland.