Workplace Health and Safety

Maintaining a safe work environment on your property is not just about meeting your legal obligations. It is about developing a culture where risks are constantly being assessed and actions reflect the need to minimise those risks.

Farm workplaces account for 3% of the workforce, but account for nearly 30% of deaths and have a disproportionally high rate of serious injuries. Clearly the message of workplace safety on farm is not getting through.

QFF is committed to promoting safe workplaces and working with its members and Work Safe Queensland to turn these statistics round. By working closely with government and our industry members QFF is committed to making on farm workplace accidents a thing of the past and ensure all of our farms are safe places to work.

The WorkSafe website includes:

  • Codes of practice including the Electrical safety code of practice 2010 – Electrical equipment rural industry HERE.
  • Codes relating to working near powerlines and electrical risks in the workplace HERE.
  • Workplace safety guides and fact sheets can be accessed HERE.
  • Injury prevention and safety resources HERE.

Quad Bike Helmets

Following a coronial inquiry there is a major campaign on Quad bikes. While there are deaths and injuries of riders and passengers associated with recreational activities rural workplaces are over represented in the statistics.

The messages are fairly straight forward:

  • Wear a helmet
  • No children on full size bikes (under 16)
  • Do not overload the bike
  • Make sure the rider has had appropriate education/ training in handling the bike