Technology Case Studies and Factsheets

The Energy Savers program aims to assist farmers to reduce energy costs by supporting the adoption of improvements in on-farm energy use. These case studies and factsheets focus on the main technologies recommended to improve energy efficiency within 180 audits conducted across nine agricultural sectors in Queensland.

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  • Technology Case Studies
    Pumps and Irrigation Systems
    Install and maintain efficient pumps and alter irrigation systems
    Heating, Ventilation and Cooling Systems
    Install new efficient HVAC technology
    Lighting and General Systems
    Upgrade Infrastructure, make general changes such as energy monitoring and install efficient LED lighting technology
    Gas and Biogas Systems
    Install gas saving measures
    Solar Systems
    Install correctly sized solar PV systems
    Battery Systems
    Install Solar and Batteries after site specific design considering payback and warranty periods
    Solar and Battery Systems
    Install Solar and Batteries after site specific design considering the payback and battery warranty periods
    Solar and Batteries
  • Technology Factsheets
    Power Factor Correction (PFC)
    To reduce energy demand and operating costs
    Solar System
    To reduced grid dependence and lower carbon emissions
    Solar Design
    Motor and Pumps
    Choosing the most efficient pump matched to the irrigation system will provide a reduction in energy consumption and costs
    Pump equipment
    Irrigation System
    A properly designed irrigation system will allow save water and energy costs
    Irrigation Design
    Energy Audit
    An energy audit provides recommendations on how energy use can be reduced or improved
    Energy Audit
    Well-designed solar systems used in conjunction with batteries will store solar generation during the day for use with night-time loads