The Queensland dairy industry produces over 280 million litres of milk annually valued at $250 million. The dairy industry continues to be a mainstay of many regional Queensland communities.

Dairy The Facts

Australian dairy is a $13 billion farm, manufacturing and export industry. With a farmgate value alone of $6.1 billion, in 2022-23 the Australian dairy industry enriches regional Australian communities. Australia exports approximately 30 per cent of its milk production, for an export valued of $3.3 billion in 2022-23.

Australian dairy farmers produced around 8.3 billion litres of milk in 2023-24. The Australian dairy industry directly employs around 33,500 Australians on farms and in factories, while more than 100,000 Australians are indirectly employed in related service industries.

Dairy is also one of Australia’s leading rural industries in terms of adding value through downstream processing. Much of this processing occurs close to farming areas, thereby generating economic activity in country regions.

Queensland milks 70,000 cows on approximately 240 farms, producing 280 million litres of milk at a value of $250 million. Queensland’s primary dairy regions are the Darling Downs, Scenic Rim, Burnett, Sunshine Coast and North Queensland.

Within the northern dairy region there are seven major processing plants and more than 50 minor processing factories.

Almost all dairy production in Queensland goes directly into providing the fresh white milk. Around half of fresh milk sold in Queensland comes from Queensland dairy farms.

Representative group for Queensland and northern New South Wales dairy farmers

eastAUSmilk is the peak advocacy body representing the interests of dairy farmers across Queensland and northern New South Wales.

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