Energy Savers
Mackay, Isaac and Whitsunday

Bowen Mango & Tomato Farm

Proposed Energy Savings
Mangoes and tomatoes
Mackay, Isaac and Whitsunday
Drip, Micro irrigation
Lighting, Solar Photovoltaic


The audit identified a range of energy saving initiatives in the packing sheds including refrigeration, lighting and the installation of Solar PV to supply some power. Three projects had a payback less than 5 years including the lighting and two Solar PV installations. The estimated annual cost savings from all identified projects is nearly $50,000, with carbon reductions of 58 t CO2-e per annum.

Farm Profile

The farm located near Bowen in North Queensland produces mangoes and tomatoes with two processing sheds in operation. One is dedicated to mangoes and the other to tomato production. The bulk of site energy usage is for the processing sheds (approximately 66%), which each have cool rooms for storage of the produce as well as sorting and packing facilities. An office and workshop are included in the mango packing shed. The other major energy user on site is the network of submersible irrigation pumps for delivering bore water to the crops.

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