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The irrigation energy audit recommended adding variable speed drives to two dam pumps as they have varying duties in supplying centre pivot irrigators. The audit also recommended upgrading 100mm steel main pipe for transfer pumping to 125mm plastic. These initiatives would result in energy savings of over $41,000 per year with a payback period of around 1.5 years and carbon reductions of 120 t CO2-e per annum.

Farm profile

The turf farm is located adjacent to Allan Creek and the Logan River near Beaudesert in south-east Queensland. The farm uses centre pivot irrigation, with three pump stations for irrigation and another two for moving surface water around the site to storage dams. Irrigation occurs year round, with the water transfer pumps operating on an as needs basis, depending on rainfall levels.

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Farmer feedback
The farmer considers the energy audit findings made good financial sense and is currently seeking pricing to implement the recommendations to retrofit variable speed drives to the main dam pumps. He noted that being able to irrigate multiple points on the farm and to be assured it is being done the most energy efficiently with the one piece of equipment would be a great advantage. This would be followed by further investigation of the recommendation to upgrade underground pipework across the farm.