Energy Savers
South East

Boonah Dairy

Proposed Energy Savings
South East
Travelling Gun
Centrifugal, Submersible
Irrigation, Variable Speed Control


The audit founds a significant water leak, with potential energy savings of 20%, and the opportunity to improve irrigation efficiency with the addition of a variable speed drive saving 30% of energy consumption. The solutions have cost savings of around $5,500 and a combined payback under 2 years with an average 9.5 t CO2-e of emission savings per annum.

Farm profile

The dairy farm, located near Carneys Creek in south-east Queensland, uses electric pumping for irrigation of cattle pastures and drinking water for the herd. Several pumps transfer bore water to holding tanks where it is gravity fed to the pasture as needed throughout the year as well as pumped to a travelling gun irrigator.

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Farmer feedback
The owner has found significant opportunity for energy savings through identifying water leaks with rectification achieving possible savings of over 30%. Planning is underway for site irrigation upgrades to improve productivity, which may supercede the recommendation about the variable speed drive.