Energy Savers
Wide Bay Burnett

Bundaberg Chillies

Proposed Energy Savings
Wide Bay Burnett
Evaporator Fan, Lighting


An energy audit recommended installing variable speed control on evaporator fans, replacing T8 cold room lighting with LEDs and a number of options for optimising refrigeration including thermal energy storage.  Although the refrigeration projects have a long payback period, the variable speed controls and lighting would save over $7,000 per year with a payback of nearly 4 years and emission savings of 66 CO2-e per annum.


The facility is located in Bundaberg and supplies fresh chillies as well as puree products that are manufactured in the on-site processing plant. The facility includes a warehouse, dispatch centre, refrigerated cold rooms and the processing plant area. An energy audit report focused on the refrigeration and air conditioning facilities as the major users of energy. Refrigeration to the cold rooms is provided by a number of condensing units placed outside the main facility. The facility is also serviced by two air conditioners as well as three fluid chillers.

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Farmer feedback
The audit project was a real eye opener, we have implemented the lighting upgrade and are reviewing our HVAC systems as we plan expansion of our facilities.