Energy Savers
Wide Bay Burnett

Bundaberg Sugar Cane & Macadamias

Proposed Energy Savings
Wide Bay Burnett
Travelling Gun
Irrigation, Variable Speed Control


The irrigation audit identified a number of opportunities on site including modifying pipe systems to reduce pressure loss, impellor modifications and installation of variable speed drives. Energy savings of 16% with a payback of 1.3 years were identified. The audit also identified up to $11,000 available by reviewing the tariff pricing structure for the pumps. Emission savings have been estimated to be 52 t CO2-e.

Farm profile

The farm, near Bundaberg, produces sugar cane and macadamias, and draws water from the Burnett River to irrigate the crops.

Irrigation is via travelling gun irrigators with five discrete pumping stations to distribute and disperse water across the farm. The main irrigation period is from September to April when irrigation is mainly undertaken overnight and runs an average of 16 hours per day.

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Farmer feedback
The total estimated capital cost to implement the recommendations has been an impediment to proceeding. The farm owner is sourcing quotes to assess the cost of staging the upgrade works. While the overall capital outlay was a barrier, the farmer acknowledged the business case was sound and that improvements needed to be implemented.