Energy Savers
Wide Bay Burnett

Bundaberg Sugar Cane & Pineapples

Energy Savings
Travelling Gun
Submersible, Centrifugal
Pump upgrade, Variable Speed Control
Capital Cost


A range of initiatives were identified including replacing some pumps and motors with new pumps and variable speed drives, with a payback period of 2.8 years and annual cost savings of around $16,500. An extra $10,000 annual saving is potentially available at the site by reviewing the tariffs of the pump stations. Emission savings have been estimated to be 27.1 t CO2-e per year.

Farm Profile

The farm cultivates sugar cane north of Bundaberg, with irrigation provided by bore water as well as SunWater. Crop diversification to pineapples is currently being trialled for one plot. The main irrigation period is from September to April when irrigation is undertaken overnight and runs an average of 16 hours per day. Soil moisture is monitored to inform irrigation requirements but information in the audit report suggests that results rarely influence the irrigation schedule.

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Farmer feedback
The farm owner has been focusing on upgrading the existing underground reticulation to improve water efficiency by reducing losses in pipework from leaks. Planning is underway to progressively implement audit recommendations to realise the potential reduced irrigation electricity costs.