Energy Savers
Wide Bay Burnett

Bundaberg Sugar Cane

Proposed Energy Savings
Wide Bay Burnett
Pump upgrade, Variable Speed Control


The audit assessed 10 initiatives to upgrade pumps and add variable speed drives with 33% energy savings, and recommended that two be implemented with payback of 3.5 years, 10% savings of total energy consumed, and cost savings of $6,000 per year. The audit also recommended tariff checks to achieve further savings. Emission reductions have been estimated to be 20.6 t CO2-e in average per year.

Farm profile

The farm, located south of Bundaberg, comprises a number of lots in close proximity for the cultivation of sugar cane. Crop changes occur on a rotational basis to maintain nitrogen levels in the soil. Flood irrigation is mainly used. The system consists of several discrete pumping stations with submersible pumps drawing water from bores and centrifugal booster pumps as required. The main irrigation period is from September to April. During this period, pumping is undertaken mostly overnight with irrigation operating up to 16 hours per day.

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Farmer feedback
The farm owner indicated an intention to proceed with the audit recommendations in the event that equipment failure allowed an opportunity to upgrade.