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This case study shows how a Clare melon farm can reduce energy consumption and costs implementing the recommendations of an Energy Savings Program. The farm has already implemented VSD on 8 pumps, reducing the total energy consumption on farm by 28%, which corresponds to 49% of reduction in energy use for irrigation. Further savings can be achieved by upgrading irrigation, refrigeration and hot water systems, with energy savings of 12% over the already reduced farm energy consumption.

The Energy Audit recommended 3 main groups of projects: refrigeration, irrigation and pump laser alignments. Refrigeration system improvements are reducing annual costs by nearly $10,000 with a payback of just over three years. The first of a number of pumps to be laser aligned is saving $5,500 annually and similar improvements are being found with pump refurbishments and variable speed controls. Added benefits include emission reductions of 75.9 t CO2-e.

Farm Profile

The farm near Clare grows approximately 900 hectares of rockmelons and honeydew melons that are harvested from April through to December. The typical production mix on site is 65% rockmelons and 7% honeydew and 28% watermelons being integrated with cane production. The site includes a processing facility for the melons, which includes fruit sorting, packaging and cold storage.

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