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The audit made many recommendations such as a boiler economiser and boiler combustion oxygen levels, voltage optimisation and adjusting feed processing to avoid some heating elements.  A number of recommendations had annual energy savings of 8% in electricity use and 13% y gas consumption, with a total cost saving of over $77,000 with a payback period under the companies’ 3 year payback target.  Around $72,000 of extra annual savings may be available through a tariff change. Added benefits include emission reductions of 829 t CO2-e per year.

Farm Profile

The site in Condamine is a beef cattle feedlot strategically located close to cattle supply areas and processing plants. The facility focuses on operational efficiency and was the first feedlot in Australia to implement a batch box feeding system. The on-site mill plant stores various types of grain in silos before it is wetted to increase moisture content. Grain is cooked in steam chests where moisture content is further increased. Finally, the grain is cracked open by mill rollers and mixed with other rations such as vegetable oil and cottonseed to feed cattle. The site includes a hospital and induction facility where cattle are introduced to site, as well as staff and contractor accommodation.

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