Energy Savers
Southern Downs

Glen Aplin Tomato & Capsicum farm

Energy Savings
Tomatoes and Capsicums
Drip, Micro irrigation
Solar Photovoltaic, Refrigeration
Capital Cost


The audit recommended replacing refrigeration compressors and installing a 2kW solar photovoltaic system at a Stanthorpe Tomato and Capsicum Farm. The audit calculated approximately $30,000 in savings over 10 years, with payback periods at just over 4 years and emission savings of 6 tCO2-e per year. Additional savings would be available by changing electricity tariffs.

Glen Aplin Tomato & Capsicum farm

The farm, near Stanthorpe, produces a variety of tomatoes and capsicums, supplying markets from late December until early May. There are two packing sheds on site, one for tomatoes and one for capsicums with cool rooms and associated refrigeration equipment that constitute the majority of site energy usage. A processing line for tomatoes automatically washes and sorts the produce based on size, shape and colour, while the capsicums are sorted by hand. Irrigation pumps are a significant portion of energy consumption, with the fields being watered two to three times per day depending on weather conditions.

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Farmer feedback
Great process being involved with audit. I am a big believer in calculating the numbers and this process has gone a long way to identifying opportunities which we will look to implement. In conjunction with a focus on extending the growing season, upgrades of cold storage, lighting upgrades and PV installation will be delivered over next 12-18 months.