Energy Savers
Wet Tropics

Ingham Sugar Cane

Proposed Energy Savings
Wet Tropics
Travelling Gun
Variable Speed Control


The audit recommended a number of measures, including a variable speed drive to regulate pressure rather than the current throttling arrangement. The measure will save around 45% energy at the pump, with an annual cost saving of over $10,500 and a payback period of around 9 months, as well as emission savings of 44 t CO2-e per annum.

Farm profile

The farm, south of Ingham, cultivates sugar cane and irrigates with travelling irrigator guns. The site receives a high annual rainfall that offsets some of the need for irrigation. Submersible bore pumps provide irrigation water at significant pressure which have been throttled at the discharge to provide the correct flow and pressure to the irrigation system.

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Farmer feedback
At this time the owner has decided not to proceed with implementing the recommendation. This decision was based on evaluating the return on investment from completing the irrigation upgrades to increase crop production versus relying on rainfall with a lower yield outcome. This may change depending on sugar pricing.