Energy Savers
Mackay, Isaac and Whitsunday

Proserpine Sugar Cane & Rice

Proposed Energy Savings
Sugar cane and Rice
Mackay, Isaac and Whitsunday
Flood, Travelling Gun
Variable Speed Control


The farmer implemented the recommendations including 2 variable speed drives and is likely to save over $7,000 per year with a payback of around 2 years and emission savings of 31.5 t CO2-e per year. There are more potential savings available by replacing other pumps with high efficiency models at the end of their life.

Farm profile

The farm, located north of Proserpine, cultivates sugar cane as the primary crop and has recently diversified to rice. Flood irrigation is the preferred method, along with travelling gun irrigators at certain crop stages or locations. Six irrigation pumps are in use that draw water from the nearby Proserpine River or are used to provide good quality water from bores.

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Farmer Feedback
With recent crop diversification to rice and expansion of the crop area serviced by flood irrigation rather than travelling gun, the owner has installed variable speed drives on two pumps to achieve more efficient operation and lower energy costs. The owner is very satisfied with the improved pump operations which deliver the required flow output at the most efficient energy consumption setting. Determination of actual energy savings is subject to completion of measurement and verification.