RCS Australia

Resource Consulting Services (RCS) is Australia’s leading provider of education and advisory services in farm management. RCS train and consult across the agricultural sector from individuals and families through to corporates, government, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander groups.

RCS believes 360-degree, holistic agriculture starts with restoring the soil, which builds carbon, improves hydration, biodiversity, plant, animal, and human health.

Learn more about RCS via their website at www.rcsaustralia.com.au

RCS offer for QFF members and their members

RCS is offering QFF members and their members 15% off eligible online courses. Use code SWEET15 for the courses below.

Juggling a hectic life with farm management responsibilities can be tough.
Especially when you want to enhance your farm’s performance but lack enough time for face-to-face courses.
We’ve got the solution for you. RCS Online+

Online+ Business Fundamentals Workshop

  • Learn management accounting essentials.
  • Understand business technology systems.
  • Master record keeping, P&L statements, budgets, benchmarks, KPIs and PAYG.
  • Improve bookkeeping efficiency, organisation and proficiency.

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Online+ Cropping Workshop

  • Understand the six Soil Health principles.
  • Develop a systems-thinking management approach.
  • Measure key ecological health indicators.
  • Foster soil microbiology for sustainable productivity.
  • Manage economic and ecological risk when changing practices.

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