Our Team


Jo Sheppard

General Manager, Policy and Projects

Adam Knapp

General Manager, Water and Energy

Alicia Kennedy

Chief Operating Officer, and Special Projects

Rebecca Donohoe

Finance Officer

Tracy Artiach

Corporate Partnerships and Communications Manager

Anna Jones

Communications and Media Officer

Jak Kirwin

Policy Advisor, Water and Energy

Sharon McIntosh

Project Manager, Energy

Andrew Chamberlin

Project Officer, Energy

Jonathan Mendez

Project Officer, Energy (QBEST Ag)

Andres Jaramillo

Project Manager, Rural Jobs and Skills Alliance

Renee Anderson

Industry Skills Advisor

Rod Morris

Industry Workforce Advisor, Agriculture and Horticulture

Kym Wessling

Agriculture Graduate Placement Program Coordinator

Timmothy Bradley

Project Manager, Risk, Recovery and Resilience

Kerry Battersby

Project Officer, Risk, Recovery and Resilience

Bec Tkal

Policy Advisor, Intensive Animal Industries

Dr Laurie Dowling

Industry Recovery and Resilience Officer

Julia Jurgs

Industry Recovery and Resilience Officer

Eloise Cosgrove

Policy Officer

Gabrielle Torrisi