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11 Jul 2018

The war on plastic waste

Australia is fighting a war against waste and plastics are the enemy. Plastic contamination has become insidious, posing significant risks to agricultural soils, wildlife and cattle through...
4 Jul 2018

Commitment needed to protect prime ag land

The inability of the current, overly-complicated planning framework to properly protect the state’s small amount of truly prime agricultural land (about 3 per cent) has been raised by the...
27 Jun 2018

Drought of agricultural insurance policy reform

After shivering through a cold start to this winter with blue skies and dry temperatures, some parts of Queensland enjoyed a wet week. Despite the recent rain, 57 per cent of the state remains...
20 Jun 2018

Powering agriculture for the future

The mercury has dipped, and the recent early morning chill has had Queenslanders reaching for their winter warmers. Townsville has experienced its coldest start to winter since 2012, temperatures...
13 Jun 2018

Water Measurement and Compliance reform flows

Water is the lifeblood of our rural communities, supporting the local environment, people and agricultural industries. The water that supports these communities is supplied by an extensive network of...
6 Jun 2018

Talking Trash

Last week, the Queensland Government released its Recycling and Waste Industry Directions Paper – a document designed to inform the development of the State’s waste management strategy. The...
30 May 2018

10-year Ag RD&E Plan needs more action

Last week, the Queensland Government released its 10-year RD&E Roadmap and Action Plan for agriculture – a document designed to underpin a productive, profitable and sustainable agriculture...
23 May 2018

Biosecurity a job for all Queenslanders

The recent detection of red imported fire ants on farmland in Anthony, Scenic Rim, outside of the existing biosecurity zones is a reminder of the vulnerability of Australia’s farming systems and...
16 May 2018

Budgeting for the future of farming

Following Federal Budget week, it is worth reflecting on the future of the agricultural sector and the importance of its success to our major political parties. As potentially the final Budget before...
9 May 2018

Murray-Darling Basin Plan back from the brink

The Federal Agriculture Minister David Littleproud on Monday announced the government had reached agreement with Labor, meaning the entire Murray Darling Basin Plan, including the Northern Basin...
2 May 2018

The true cost of electricity

The banking royal commission in Canberra has laid bare the finance sector’s litany of misdeeds, with reports of mismanagement, unscrupulous, insidious and sometimes illegal practices. In the wake...
26 Apr 2018

Vegetation Mismanagement

Despite receiving 777 genuine submissions (there were an additional 13,100 ‘form/template submissions’) and conducting eight public hearings across Queensland where almost 130 witnesses appeared,...