The Queensland Farmers’ Federation is facilitating an Agricultural Work Placement Program. Working alongside expert practitioners, this is the opportunity for recent graduates to gain valuable agricultural extension experience while making a difference to the Great Barrier Reef. Contact us for more information.
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16 Jan 2019

Everyone loses in fish kill blame game

The recent fish deaths in the Lower Darling river system at Menindee were a devastating sight and unfortunately, with further algal blooms expected, there is a high likelihood of more to come....
9 Jan 2019

Exploring prime ag land protections

In Queensland, we continue to see the permanent loss of the best farm land in the state to manufacturing, industrial uses, urban sprawl, services, utilities, and increasingly, mining. But to feed,...
2 Jan 2019

Action needed for energy and water challenges

The big challenge facing us all is feeding the world’s growing population (9.8 billion by 2050 and 11.2 billion by the turn of the century), in a changing climate, while maintaining quality...
26 Dec 2018

Taxing time for stamp duty

“The existing taxation system is out of date, unfair, internationally uncompetitive, ineffective and unnecessarily complex. It is a system that is preventing the development of a more efficient,...
19 Dec 2018

Protecting Brisbane’s foodbowl

In 10 years, Queensland’s population is expected to increase by one million to reach almost six million people – 51 per cent of which will live in Brisbane. Further, in 25 years the population of...
12 Dec 2018

Action needed for agricultural education

Building a sustainable workforce is an ongoing, complex and challenging issue for Queensland’s agriculture sector. To realise the workforce it needs for the future, the sector must attract and set...
5 Dec 2018

Insuring the future of agriculture

When it comes to extreme weather events in Queensland, it’s not a matter of if but when. With more than 100 bushfires still burning after a week-long heatwave, Ex-Tropical Cyclone Owen lingering...
28 Nov 2018

GFIA powering energy innovation

Energy, or more to the point the cost of it, has become one of the biggest challenges for Queensland businesses, with many farming businesses feeling it more acutely than those in other sectors. We...
21 Nov 2018

Grow for Good

As a nation, we rarely stop to consider how important the agriculture sector and our farmers are to the foundations of society. Whether it’s growing safe and nutritious food, fibre and foliage for...
14 Nov 2018

Growing an agriculture workforce

Labour is an ongoing, complex and challenging issue for our sector. Labour costs are generally a decreasing proportion of total farm costs, but in some industries, they can be the critical farm input...
7 Nov 2018

A dam shame

The Queensland Government recently handed down a referral notice directing the Queensland Competition Authority (QCA) to investigate prices for all bulk water supply schemes and some distribution...
31 Oct 2018

Cyclone season begins

Cyclones are part of the farming landscape in Queensland and as the cyclone season begins this week, farmers are looking at their risk management tools to manage uncertainty and maintain business...