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21 Sep 2023

Agricultural peak bodies play a critical role in advancing the interests of Queensland farmers

Agriculture is a significant contributor to the Queensland economy and an integral part of the social fabric of regional communities. It is important that agriculture has a strong voice when it comes...
14 Sep 2023

Now is the time to focus on fire preparedness, on-farm and across our communities

Fire season in Queensland usually begins in July and runs right through to February. Whilst bushfires in Queensland can occur at any time, now is the time for us all to really focus on preparedness...
7 Sep 2023

Federal Government water buybacks and industrial relations policies have Queensland farmers concerned

A number of recent Federal Government policy developments have raised concerns for Queensland farmers. In particular, farmers are working through the details of two specific announcements to fully...
31 Aug 2023

Sustainable food, fibre and foliage production requires an upswing in productivity and business dynamism

The 2023 Intergenerational Report (IGR) was released last week. So, what is it? The IGR is required every five years under the 1998 Charter of Budget Honesty Act as a way of assessing how current...
24 Aug 2023

News Corp Bush Summit highlights opportunities and challenges facing regional Queensland

This year, the News Corp Bush Summit series was expanded and held across six regional locations in Australia in the states of Queensland, New South Wales, Western Australia, South Australia, Tasmania...
17 Aug 2023

Reflecting on the keynote events in Queensland agriculture

As tens of thousands of people flock to the EKKA this week, it is a good time to reflect on the opportunities significant events can bring to the Queensland agricultural sector. Keynote agricultural...
10 Aug 2023

QFF celebrates the past, present and future of Queensland agriculture ahead of EKKA 2023

The 2023 Royal Queensland Show, or as it is more commonly known the Ekka festival, kicks off this weekend. For 142 years the EKKA has been Queensland’s largest annual event, bringing together...
3 Aug 2023

QFF reflects on the important role of the ACCC amid ongoing dairy market transparency concerns

Competition and transparency across markets is fundamental to the long-term prosperity of the Queensland agriculture sector. Agriculture is a good example of the role individual businesses can play...
27 Jul 2023

QFF reflects on National Farm Safety Week 2023

Last week marked National Farm Safety Week for 2023, providing Queensland farmers an opportunity to reflect on their farm safety practices and the significant improvements the sector has made along...
20 Jul 2023

QFF calls on government and major retailers to carefully consider timelines for phasing out of caged eggs

A national meeting of agricultural ministers held in Western Australia last week saw the collective ministerial endorsement of the updated Australian Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines for...
13 Jul 2023

QFF celebrates the launch of the Queensland Renewable Energy Landholder Toolkit

Last week QFF released a new resource to provide information and practical guidance for landholders considering hosting a renewable energy project on their property. The Queensland Renewable...
6 Jul 2023

What you need to know ahead of the upcoming closure of 3G services

Digital connectivity is an increasingly essential part of life not only for social connectedness but also for operating a business and accessing essential services such as healthcare and education....