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24 Feb 2021

Spark needed to power bioenergy progress

Participation in carbon markets can provide farmers with additional revenue streams, diversified agricultural businesses, and greater resilience through the certainty of long-term purchase contracts....
17 Feb 2021

Regional Quarantine Hubs a solution for farm workforce

COVID-19 has led to unprecedented labour market disruption with farmers struggling to retain and recruit critical workers during harvest, with national demand for casual labour expected to peak next...
10 Feb 2021

Clean and green Queensland agriculture

Maintaining a sustainable and profitable agriculture sector is essential to the longevity and prosperity of Queensland farmers and the environment into the future. And it is for these future...
2 Feb 2021

Dammed if you do, dammed if you don’t

Access to reliable, affordable water is one of the most critical factors in the sustainability and future growth of agriculture in Queensland. Following the unprecedented upheaval of 2020, there is...
27 Jan 2021

Will hydrogen hit the high notes for farmers?

The Queensland Government released its Hydrogen Industry Strategy in May 2019, outlining its commitment to delivering a sustainable hydrogen industry by 2030 to provide opportunities for domestic...
20 Jan 2021

Irrigation water must be reliable, affordable and equitable

Following continued advocacy by the Queensland Farmers’ Federation (QFF) and its industry members, the Queensland Labor Government made an election commitment to deliver a 15 per cent cut in...
13 Jan 2021

Regional planning review must protect prime ag land

Queensland is rich in agricultural, mineral and fuel resources. At times, this creates coexistence challenges for the agriculture sector and the gas industry to manage the interaction between these...
6 Jan 2021

FarmReady hub launched to help address labour shortage

COVID-19 has led to unprecedented labour market disruption with resulting border closures remaining the highest concern for farmers struggling to retain and recruit critical workers during harvest,...
31 Dec 2020

Farm workplace health and safety must be a priority

Agriculture is one of the most dangerous sectors to work in due to the combination of hazards. These include heavy plant and machinery, chemicals, noise, dust, sun and heat exposure, working with...
24 Dec 2020

Agriculture Buffer Zones ensure “right to farm”

By 2050, the global population is set to grow to 9 billion, 2 billion more than today. To feed, clothe and grow amenity for this increased population, the planet will have to produce more in the next...
17 Dec 2020

Grown in Queensland

The security, quality and in particular the origin of food, fibre and foliage has become increasingly important to consumers. Many are seeking to better understand where their produce comes from,...
9 Dec 2020

Queensland 2020-21 Budget lacklustre end to challenging year

We often hear about the value of Queensland’s agriculture sector from governments, and for good reason given in 2019 we were a $17 billion industry despite the ongoing drought. We also often hear...