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2 Feb 2023

Affordable energy needed to support a strong economy and cost of living stability

The increasing cost of living is being felt by business and consumers across the board. Queensland farmers have seen the cost of key inputs such as labour, fertiliser and fuel continue to escalate in...
27 Jan 2023

Significant rain events and the impacts on the agricultural supply chain

Monsoonal downpours last week saw many areas of northern and central Queensland experience incredibly wet conditions. Depending on which part of the region farmers are located in, these wet...
19 Jan 2023

Agriculture and the carbon market

Last week the Hon Chris Bowen released the final report of the Independent Review of Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs), with the Australian Government accepting in principle, all 16...
12 Jan 2023

Jobs and skills in agriculture

The 2023 National Association of Agricultural Educators conference was held in Toowoomba at the University of Southern Queensland campus this week bringing together ag teachers from across Australia....
30 Nov 2022

QFF calls for genuine employer engagement in roll out of new IR laws

The federal government has reportedly secured enough crossbench support to pass its new industrial relations laws this weekend. There is real concern amongst QFF members that the Bill may have...
25 Nov 2022

Reflecting on Innovation in Agriculture

This year the theme for National Ag Day was ‘Innovation in Ag’. A survey conducted by the National Farmers Federation indicated that only 18% of Australians agree the sector is focused on...
17 Nov 2022

National Agriculture Day 2022

National Agriculture Day is held on the third Friday of November every year and is a good opportunity to celebrate an industry that is integral to all of our lives. QFF will be marking this special...
10 Nov 2022

The flow on effect of plausible competition and consumer laws

Most Queensland farmers are small to medium sized businesses, and when they engage in contract term negotiations with large, often multi-corporate processors, wholesalers and retailers, they...
3 Nov 2022

Agriculture’s balancing act: Environmental sustainability and productive farming

Last week, Australia joined 122 other countries in signing the Methane Pledge indicating Australia’s voluntary commitment to join global goals to reduce methane emissions. QFF has received...
27 Oct 2022

2022 Federal Budget and Vigilance

The Albanese government handed down its first budget this week which was accompanied by warnings of rising inflation and the pressures attributed to the substantial impact of flooding including...
20 Oct 2022

Reflecting on International Day of Rural Women

In 2007 the General Assembly of the United Nations declared that October 15 each year would be observed as International Day of Rural Women. Since then, International Day of Rural Women is observed...
13 Oct 2022

Security – a concern from all angles

Last month Optus, Australia's second largest telecommunications company, announced that identifying details of up to 9.8 million customers were stolen from their customer database. The customer...