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27 Jun 2022

Awards to recognise on-farm and community efforts to protect the Reef

Outstanding land managers, extension officers, community groups and for the first time Traditional Owner groups have the opportunity to be recognised in the 2022 Reef Champion Awards. QFF is...
16 Jun 2022

Transparency and collaboration critical to the future of energy

The release of the Queensland Competition Authority (QCA) final determination on 2022-23 regulated retail electricity prices for Queensland has left farmers and regional communities feeling very...
9 Jun 2022

QFF calls on Feds to prioritise workforce solutions

Agriculture is an important pillar of the Queensland economy and fundamental to the future success of the regions. The total value of Queensland’s primary industry commodities is forecast to be...
7 Jun 2022

The EKKA – What does it stand for?

The EKKA. Queensland slang for ‘The Exhibition”. Since its inception in 1876 it has been heralded as one of the state’s most well-known, well attended and much-loved events. The EKKA has...
19 May 2022

The price of the humble lettuce is sending us a loud message

Concerns around the rising costs of living have featured strongly in political debate during the Federal election campaign. The humble lettuce became the symbolic centre of political commentary and...
12 May 2022

Securing the Future of Queensland Farmers.

With less than 2 weeks until election day, QFF is becoming increasingly concerned at the lack of detail in key policy announcements relating to Queensland agriculture. QFF has outlined what we...
5 May 2022

‘Insanity is doing the same thing…and expecting a different result.’

It was Einstein who famously said that ‘insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.’ And this week as we move into another week of electioneering, I found...
27 Apr 2022

Where does biosecurity fit into our national defence discussions?

As I sit down to pen this piece, Anzac Day is dawning in Australia. It’s a time for reflection on what we have lost; of great sacrifice and momentous courage; of gratitude for the freedoms we enjoy...
20 Apr 2022

Escalating supply chain costs must be addressed if we are to ease cost of living pressures

Election announcements and sweeteners have swamped all our news feeds and this will continue over the coming weeks. With many media outlets choosing to focus on meaningless ‘gotcha’ moments and...
13 Apr 2022

Don’t be distracted by big promises with little substance.

We foreshadowed it last week, and well here we are – a Federal Election has been called and we are off to the polls on 21 May. There will be plenty said over the next six weeks as each Party...
7 Apr 2022

Like the rain, you can smell an election is in the air.

You can always smell an election before you see it…much like the rain. And, as we all eagerly await the formal election announcement that will send us to the polls in May, this past week’s...
25 Mar 2022

Supply security and surety continues to dominate

Last week was a rough week for many Australians. Rising fuel prices was indeed the talk of the town, and not just in the farming sector for a change. Suddenly the issue was not just a regional...