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26 Apr 2018

Vegetation Mismanagement

Despite receiving 777 genuine submissions (there were an additional 13,100 ‘form/template submissions’) and conducting eight public hearings across Queensland where almost 130 witnesses appeared,...
18 Apr 2018

Feeding 10 billion – planning for the future of farming

Prime agricultural land is rare and irreplaceable. It must be protected, particularly in a continent like Australia where only 10% of the land is arable, and only 3% can genuinely be classified as...
11 Apr 2018

QLD farmers’ gold medal performance

Athletes from across Australia and all over the world are currently taking to the track and field and diving into the pool at the 2018 Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast. As spectators watch on...
4 Apr 2018

Weight of evidence on sustainable electricity networks grows

The recently released Grattan Institute Report into the cost of the Australian electricity networks again highlighted a broken energy system. The independent think-tank’s report provides some...
27 Mar 2018

12 months after Cyclone Debbie: we can do better

This Wednesday, 28 March 2018, marks 12 months since Cyclone Debbie crossed the North Queensland coast. This large category 4 cyclone left a wide trail of devastation from central Queensland, through...
21 Mar 2018

Time for government to get real on supporting on-farm water efficiencies

Concern is growing amongst Queensland’s agricultural industries that the State Government will leave farmers high and dry by walking away from the long standing and highly successful Rural Water...
14 Mar 2018

Agriculture united in opposition to unbalanced Vegetation Management laws

Queensland farmers throughout the state have been left frustrated and disappointed with the reintroduction of vegetation management legislation into Queensland Parliament. The core of the frustration...
7 Mar 2018

Essential role of women in agriculture increasingly recognised

Women make up approximately half of the international agricultural workforce, but exercise significantly less power in the sector than men. Here in Australia, women in our sector are recognised and...
28 Feb 2018

Men’s rural mental health under spotlight

The recent viral article by Mary O’Brien ‘Are you bogged, mate?’ shone a spotlight on the impact that poor mental health is having on our men in rural and regional Queensland where in some...
21 Feb 2018

Electricity prices walking intensive agriculture off the cliff

Nowhere else in the world has there been such a focus on energy, or more specifically, energy price as there has been in Australia. High energy prices are now the number one issue Australia’s...
14 Feb 2018

25 years uniting Queensland agriculture

Earlier this week the Queensland Farmers’ Federation (QFF) and its members were joined by several ministers and senior staff from the recently re-elected Palaszczuk government as the organisation...
7 Feb 2018

Electoral mandate must bring about vegetation management resolution

Parliament will sit for the first time since the state election next week. An early priority in the returned Labor Government’s agenda is likely to be the reintroduction of stronger vegetation...