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18 Oct 2017

Electricity pricing to have implications at the ballot box

Electricity pricing has again dominated the nation’s headlines with the ACCC confirming what farmers already know: that electricity price increases are unsustainable, especially in Queensland, for...
11 Oct 2017

Time to elevate agriculture

Following the resignation of the Agriculture Minister Bill Byrne due to a serious medical condition, agriculture in this state once again finds itself without dedicated government leadership. We wish...
4 Oct 2017

Light shone on farm safety realities during Safe Work Month

October is Safe Work month in Queensland, a time where as industries and individuals we reflect on and consider how our actions or inaction has impacted safety in our workplaces. Openness about the...
27 Sep 2017

Inland Rail and prime agricultural land solution essential

The ambitious ‘once in a 100-year’ inland freight rail project connecting Melbourne and Brisbane was always going to face some hurdles. For projects on this scale it can be hard to ensure the...
20 Sep 2017

Queensland farmers get serious about on-farm efficiency

The Queensland Farmers’ Federation (QFF) and its industry members continue to have a lot to say about unsustainable increases to electricity prices in Queensland. We have been advocating for...
13 Sep 2017

Inland Rail decision due

It has been some time since the hype in early May following the Federal Budget announcement of $8.4 billion for inland freight rail to link Melbourne and Brisbane. Uncertainty around the 198km...
6 Sep 2017

SEQ chicken meat plant closure has wide ranging implications

The shock announcement by Baiada (‘Steggles’) to close its Ipswich processing facility last week was a devastating blow for farmers, the industry and the communities they support. The sudden...
30 Aug 2017

Awards to recognise on-farm efforts to protect the reef

Outstanding land managers and extensions officers have the opportunity to be recognised in the 2017 Reef Alliance Reef Awards. The Reef Alliance is seeking nominations from those working to reduce...
23 Aug 2017

New report shows value of investing in agriculture

A lot has been said and written about the Adani Carmichael mine. Without question, it is the most controversial mine under consideration in Australia right now. Farmers for Climate Action (FCA)...
16 Aug 2017

Agriculture must be a planning priority

Regional plans are a key part of the planning framework. Their purpose is to set a long-term strategic direction for how the regions will grow and respond to change over time. Importantly for...
9 Aug 2017

How the other side of the world does agriculture

We often hear about how different agriculture is in other parts of the world. There are a lot of opinions advocating for both the merits and the pitfalls of a regulated/subsidised system versus the...
2 Aug 2017

The future of Queensland’s bulk water supply

The Queensland Government has released a future bulk water security strategy which aims to improve the balance in the utilisation of existing bulk water infrastructure and new water projects. The...