Are you a farmer or live in a rural community affected by drought and need help or do you want to lend a hand to Australia’s drought-affected farmers? Check out our Industry News page to find out how.
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19 Sep 2018


Agriculture’s challenge to meet the demands of a growing global population are well known, and it is generally accepted that we will need to feed, clothe and grow amenity for an additional 2...
12 Sep 2018

An international perspective on agriculture

We often hear about how different agriculture is in other parts of the world and as Australian farmers, it’s important to keep an eye on the bigger global picture as we plan for our businesses into...
5 Sep 2018

Fair price for farmers

The persistent drought conditions across Queensland are challenging many farmers from various agricultural industries. The visual impacts of drought – dry dams, no grass, hungry stock – has led...
29 Aug 2018

Cyclone risk cover – closer than you think

Like drought, cyclones are part of the farming landscape in Queensland. Insuring crops against cyclones has long been viewed as fantasy by the industry. Every summer we think that there must be a way...
22 Aug 2018

Farmers invited to have their say on solar

According to the Australian Energy Regulator, there was an 82% increase in the number of small businesses disconnected by Ergon Retail last financial year. With some farmers on the receiving end of...
15 Aug 2018

QFF projects extending Reef future

As nations, organisations and individuals celebrate 2018 as the International Year of the Reef, questions continue to be raised about the Australian Government’s $444 million grant to the Great...
8 Aug 2018

Consumers must choose product over price

It is often said that tragedies beyond our control often bring out the best in people. The response from Australians to help farmers and local communities struggling to cope with the drought...
1 Aug 2018

No rate relief for farmers

Even though much of the state has been or remains drought-declared, agriculture’s $20 billion contribution to the Queensland economy in 2017-18 was an increase of 11% over the 5-year average. The...
25 Jul 2018

Reef in focus

2018 is the third International Year of the Reef – an International Coral Reef Initiative campaign that occurs roughly every 10 years. As an Australian icon, the Great Barrier Reef is firmly fixed...
18 Jul 2018

The potential of genetically modified produce

QFF frequently talks about the challenges and opportunities ahead for Queensland agriculture. By 2050, we are told that the world’s food system will need to produce 70% more to feed an increasingly...
11 Jul 2018

The war on plastic waste

Australia is fighting a war against waste and plastics are the enemy. Plastic contamination has become insidious, posing significant risks to agricultural soils, wildlife and cattle through...
4 Jul 2018

Commitment needed to protect prime ag land

The inability of the current, overly-complicated planning framework to properly protect the state’s small amount of truly prime agricultural land (about 3 per cent) has been raised by the...