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14 Nov 2018

Growing an agriculture workforce

Labour is an ongoing, complex and challenging issue for our sector. Labour costs are generally a decreasing proportion of total farm costs, but in some industries, they can be the critical farm input...
7 Nov 2018

A dam shame

The Queensland Government recently handed down a referral notice directing the Queensland Competition Authority (QCA) to investigate prices for all bulk water supply schemes and some distribution...
31 Oct 2018

Cyclone season begins

Cyclones are part of the farming landscape in Queensland and as the cyclone season begins this week, farmers are looking at their risk management tools to manage uncertainty and maintain business...
24 Oct 2018

Battle begins on farmland in war on waste

This week, the Innovation, Tourism Development and Environment Committee tabled its report into the proposed Waste Reduction and Recycling (Waste Levy) and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2018. The...
17 Oct 2018

Separating fact from fiction on Glyphosate

In recent weeks, the media has reported on concerns over the use of the herbicide glyphosate, leading to misinformed commentary regarding its safety. It is crucial any debate on farming and...
10 Oct 2018

Wasted Opportunities and Bioenergy Futures

The Department of Environment and Science (the Department) has finalised its review of the regulated waste classification and waste-related Environmentally Relevant frameworks. Following consultation...
3 Oct 2018

‘Are you bogged mate?’

At any given time, rates of suicide tend to increase with increasing rurality. Concerningly, recent ABS data revealed that there has been a 9.1 per cent increase in the number of Australians who died...
26 Sep 2018

Queensland agriculture’s future BioSecure

Biosecurity incursions are one of Queensland agriculture’s greatest business risks with exotic pests, diseases and weeds having a potentially crippling impact on plant and animal production systems...
19 Sep 2018


Agriculture’s challenge to meet the demands of a growing global population are well known, and it is generally accepted that we will need to feed, clothe and grow amenity for an additional 2...
12 Sep 2018

An international perspective on agriculture

We often hear about how different agriculture is in other parts of the world and as Australian farmers, it’s important to keep an eye on the bigger global picture as we plan for our businesses into...
5 Sep 2018

Fair price for farmers

The persistent drought conditions across Queensland are challenging many farmers from various agricultural industries. The visual impacts of drought – dry dams, no grass, hungry stock – has led...
29 Aug 2018

Cyclone risk cover – closer than you think

Like drought, cyclones are part of the farming landscape in Queensland. Insuring crops against cyclones has long been viewed as fantasy by the industry. Every summer we think that there must be a way...