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23 Sep 2022

Water – we need a plan

Water is the lifeblood of agriculture, regional communities and the people of Queensland more broadly. Surface water dominates our water supply sources but groundwater also plays an important role,...
16 Sep 2022

Global concerns regarding high costs of fertiliser

Last weekend, ABC Landline featured an important segment that outlined growing concerns about global production disruptions and the increasing costs of producing fertiliser. The story featured a...
8 Sep 2022

Managing Risk: A key challenge for farm enterprises

Effectively managing risk can be a real challenge for family-owned and operated farm enterprises but it is something many family businesses are working hard to get better at. Risks in farming come in...
1 Sep 2022

A seat at the table for Agriculture

Agriculture is worth more than $10 Billion to the Queensland economy and is a significant contributor to the very fabric of regional and remote communities. It is vital that agriculture has a strong...
25 Aug 2022

Industry awaits decision of research into a modern Bradfield-like scheme

Approximately 84 years ago, well known engineer Sir John Bradfield proposed a scheme designed to capture the water of North Queensland and divert it west across the Great Dividing Range. It was an...
18 Aug 2022

Global concerns regarding high costs of fertiliser

QFF was pleased to have the opportunity to participate in a workforce roundtable hosted by Minister Murray Watt in Brisbane this week which saw representatives from various agricultural peak bodies...
11 Aug 2022

Boost to biosecurity welcomed

QFF appreciates having a seat at the Agricultural Ministerial Advisory Council (AgMac) which provides the opportunity for the CEO and me to represent our members and advocate for the things that...
4 Aug 2022

Far North Queensland – focused on the future

With a reputation for innovation and resilience, regional Queensland has long been an economic powerhouse when it comes to the state’s economy. Whether in business, leadership, social issues or...
29 Jul 2022

Feral pigs – an economic, environmental and biosecurity risk

Currently, there are nearly more feral pigs in Australia than there are people. Farmers across Queensland have been battling to control pest animals across the board for many years but are...
21 Jul 2022

Workforce pinch impacting Queensland farmers and future food production

Agriculture is the backbone of the Queensland economy and the lifeblood of regional communities. The growing world population is increasing the global demand for food and according to the United...
14 Jul 2022

Biosecurity – Everyone’s Responsibility

Recent threats are again highlighting the critical need for Australia to vigilantly maintain a robust biosecurity system. It feels like the threats are coming thick and fast at the moment and we must...
8 Jul 2022

Industry input essential in development of State’s Energy Plan

QFF continues to work with industry partners and government to find a way forward to help reduce energy costs for the agricultural sector. Queensland farmers are driving on farm efficiencies and...