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21 Oct 2020

The value of water

Access to reliable, affordable water is one of the most critical factors in the future success and growth of agriculture in Queensland; and achieving Australia’s goal of a $100 billion sector by...
14 Oct 2020

When is enough, enough?

The Senate Regional and Rural Affairs Transport References Committee recently tabled its final report on its Inquiry into the Queensland Government’s Reef regulations. While LNP members wrote a...
7 Oct 2020

Preparation critical ahead of storm season

The Bureau of Meteorology last week declared that La Niña has developed in the Pacific Ocean. Typically associated with above-average spring rainfall for Australia, particularly across eastern,...
30 Sep 2020

Investing in the agricultural sector and skills of the future

According to the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations, the world must increase agricultural output by 70 per cent by the year 2050 to sufficiently feed the growing global...
23 Sep 2020

Trespassing activists’ punishment must fit the crime

In recent years, Queensland’s farmers have experienced ongoing coordinated activist attacks, despite adhering to world leading animal welfare standards. These activists’ radical and unjustified...
16 Sep 2020

First step taken in bringing diversity to the front

In Queensland, more than half of all women working in agriculture are employed as farmers or farm managers, and they contribute 33 per cent of all on-farm income. Women also play a major role in...
9 Sep 2020

Affordable water for agriculture

The Queensland agriculture sector, its farmers and rural communities are no stranger to significant and continuing challenges. Operating high throughput businesses while receiving very little or no...
2 Sep 2020

ACCC review puts supermarkets in spotlight

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) was recently tasked by the federal government to investigate bargaining power imbalances affecting perishable agricultural products between...
26 Aug 2020

QFF election plan to make agriculture number one

We often hear about the value of Queensland’s agriculture sector from governments, and for good reason given in 2019 we were a $16.99 billion industry despite the ongoing drought. We also often...
19 Aug 2020

Confusing chemical usage legislation needs fix for farmers

Building a sustainable workforce that is well-resourced, fit for purpose and responsive to the ever-changing technological advances and potential disruption ahead is an ongoing, complex and...
12 Aug 2020

Rural debt rises as farmers look for finance

Farm debt and rural finance options are consistent themes of discussion within agriculture. With debt funding continuing to be an important source of finance for on-farm investments and the...
5 Aug 2020

Decision making tool to boost agriculture productivity

The period to 2050 presents an unprecedented opportunity for growth in Australian agriculture, with Queensland the primary beneficiary. As the nation’s leader in agricultural production, the...