As the floodwaters recede, north Queensland farmers are beginning the difficult recovery process. For information about financial assistance and support services available, visit the Farmer Disaster Support website.
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20 Mar 2019

Renewable energy on farm

According to the Australian Energy Regulator, 316 small businesses customers have already been disconnected by Ergon Retail in the first two quarters of 2018-19. This should not come as a surprise as...
13 Mar 2019

New Reef regs continue to shift goalposts

Regulations are essential for the proper functioning of society and the economy. QFF fully supports and accepts that there is a need for effective regulation. When well designed and implemented it...
6 Mar 2019

Women at the forefront of agriculture

In celebrating Queensland Women’s Week and International Women’s Day, we recognise the important roles women play in the state’s agriculture sector. The nature of family-farm agricultural...
27 Feb 2019

Doppler on our radar

Agricultural production in Queensland is subject to volatile weather and climatic conditions, so it’s not a matter of if but when farmers will be cursing the weather. The latest events serve to...
20 Feb 2019

Could 10c be a catalyst for change?

This week, Woolworths announced it would no longer sell $1 litre fresh milk by increasing the price on all varieties of its branded fresh milk by 10 cents per litre. Removing this retail price cap is...
14 Feb 2019

Improving disaster recovery and resilience

As the floodwaters recede, Queensland farmers are beginning the difficult recovery process. The intense monsoonal trough that bought unprecedented weather to the state’s north delivered one to two...
6 Feb 2019

Farming for answers

We expect politicians to be more vocal around election time, and with the Victorian election late November 2018, the New South Wales election coming up in March and the Federal election due by May,...
30 Jan 2019

Clean and green agriculture

According to the Australian Energy Regulator, there was an 82 per cent increase in the number of small businesses disconnected by Ergon Retail in the 2016-17 financial year. Some farmers have been on...
23 Jan 2019

Activists challenging right to farm

The anarchic view that ‘one has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws’ is one that many animal rights activists use to justify trespassing on farmers properties and wilfully disrupting...
16 Jan 2019

Everyone loses in fish kill blame game

The recent fish deaths in the Lower Darling river system at Menindee were a devastating sight and unfortunately, with further algal blooms expected, there is a high likelihood of more to come....
9 Jan 2019

Exploring prime ag land protections

In Queensland, we continue to see the permanent loss of the best farm land in the state to manufacturing, industrial uses, urban sprawl, services, utilities, and increasingly, mining. But to feed,...
2 Jan 2019

Action needed for energy and water challenges

The big challenge facing us all is feeding the world’s growing population (9.8 billion by 2050 and 11.2 billion by the turn of the century), in a changing climate, while maintaining quality...