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6 Dec 2017

Queensland farmers join National Food Waste Strategy

The issue of food waste has attracted global attention due to its impacts on the environment, losses to the economy, and food insecurity. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation...
29 Nov 2017

Lacklustre on-farm disaster recovery highlights need for a new approach

The latest severe weather event experienced by Queensland farmers and the ensuing processes have again highlighted why the Queensland Farmers’ Federation (QFF) continues to push for changes to the...
22 Nov 2017

Have the political parties delivered for farmers this election?

Prior to and throughout this State Election, QFF articulated to political parties and prospective candidates what matters to the intensive agricultural sector and what Queensland farmers expect. The...
15 Nov 2017

Prime agricultural land offers prime potential

By 2050 the global population is set to grow to 9 billion, 2 billion more than today. Fundamentally, feeding another one and half China’s will present challenges, but it will also create exciting...
8 Nov 2017

Election offers energy spark, but more still needed

Unsurprisingly, electricity affordability has proven to be a major election issue. With parties’ announcing some positive commitments, this has not necessarily translated into the holistic solution...
1 Nov 2017

A vibrant and thriving agricultural sector benefits all Queenslanders

We often hear about the value of Queensland’s agriculture sector from governments, and let’s be honest, nearly $20 billion is a big number. We also often hear about how much of what our farmers...
25 Oct 2017

Right decision by ACCC on domestic mobile roaming

Earlier this week the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) released its final decision on domestic mobile roaming. Consistent with its draft decision in May, the ACCC decided not to...
18 Oct 2017

Electricity pricing to have implications at the ballot box

Electricity pricing has again dominated the nation’s headlines with the ACCC confirming what farmers already know: that electricity price increases are unsustainable, especially in Queensland, for...
11 Oct 2017

Time to elevate agriculture

Following the resignation of the Agriculture Minister Bill Byrne due to a serious medical condition, agriculture in this state once again finds itself without dedicated government leadership. We wish...
4 Oct 2017

Light shone on farm safety realities during Safe Work Month

October is Safe Work month in Queensland, a time where as industries and individuals we reflect on and consider how our actions or inaction has impacted safety in our workplaces. Openness about the...
27 Sep 2017

Inland Rail and prime agricultural land solution essential

The ambitious ‘once in a 100-year’ inland freight rail project connecting Melbourne and Brisbane was always going to face some hurdles. For projects on this scale it can be hard to ensure the...
20 Sep 2017

Queensland farmers get serious about on-farm efficiency

The Queensland Farmers’ Federation (QFF) and its industry members continue to have a lot to say about unsustainable increases to electricity prices in Queensland. We have been advocating for...