Ag Jobs Queensland

Driving workforce participation in Queensland agriculture


Ag Jobs Queensland is a one-stop portal for connecting employers and job seekers in farming and agriculture in Queensland.

It connects employers from every corner of agriculture across the state with job seekers looking for their opportunity to work  in what is arguably one of the most exciting industries to be involved in.

How can employers utilise the Ag Jobs Queensland platform?

If you’re an employer in the Queensland agricultural industry, you can use Ag Jobs Queensland to:

Queensland Farmers’ Federation hosted a webinar that offered employers a chance to learn about the functionalities and benefits of the platform. Watch the recording here. 

How can job seekers utilise the Ag Jobs Queensland platform? 

If you’re a job seeker in the Queensland agricultural industry, you can use Ag Jobs Queensland to:

  • Search for jobs in the agricultural industry anywhere in Queensland.
  • Create an AirCV and get smart matched to job roles.
  • Set job alerts (for free) and receive opportunity updates direct to your inbox.
  • Access job search hints and tips at job seeker resources.

Offer for QFF peak body members

QFF peak body members are eligible for complementary access to a Gold tier employer subscription to Ag Jobs Queensland. Please email qfarmers@qff.org.au for more information.

Members of your organisation are also eligible for a discount outlined below to use the platform as an Employer.

More information about how your members can access this special offer will be released soon.