Agriculture Workforce Plan

The Queensland Farmers’ Federation (QFF) in partnership with Jobs Queensland will deliver a Queensland Agriculture Workforce Plan, anticipated to be completed by early 2022.

The Rural Jobs and Skills Alliance (RJSA) is our industry advisory group, providing expertise, strategic advice and access to networks to inform and guide the project. The team will research, identify and quantify the most pressing statewide workforce issues facing agriculture over the next 3-5 years.

How do I get involved?

Extensive regional engagement is planned for 2021 which will bring together research, intelligence, tools, resources, scenario planning, data modelling and case studies to develop a workforce plan that will inform industry on its business capability, workforce, skills and training needs to deliver a strategic plan to build a sustainable workforce for the future. Queensland agriculture businesses, leaders and managers will develop their own skills and capability in the field of strategic workforce planning, positioning them to act on their own workforce issues into the future and build the process into business planning for the industry.

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  • What is workforce planning?

    “Having the right people, in the right place, with the right capabilities at the right time.”

    Workforce planning is a process where understanding of the current workforce and research into the future workforce identifies the gaps between what we have today and what we need in five years time. It is a future focused approach that lifts thinking out of immediate succession, recruitment and retention needs to preparing strategies to meet the workforce needs for the industry which will become critical in the next few years by:

    • Identifying future business directions and workforce needs;
    • Analysing and understanding the make-up of the current workforce (through demographic staff profiling, SWOT analysis, environmental scanning etc.);
    • Determining the necessary skills, capabilities and competencies required to achieve strategic and operational goals in the future; and
    • Developing policies and strategies that will assist in achieving these goals.

    The research undertaken during this project will point us towards the critical workforce risks that the plan will address.

  • Project objectives

    The partnership will deliver:

    • An environmental scan for the agriculture industry in Queensland;
    • A workforce plan for the agriculture industry in Queensland;
    • Workforce planning resources and training tailored to businesses across the agriculture industry (leveraging Jobs Queensland’s Workforce Planning Connect toolkit and resources); and
    • A workforce summit to discuss agriculture workforce issues, its future direction and identify innovative workforce strategies.