Following the extraordinary success and popularity of Round 1 of the Queensland Agritourism Business Grants, the Queensland Farmers’ Federation is pleased to deliver Round 2, offering a 50 percent co-contribution up to a maximum of $25,000 to match farmers’ funds. This grant will assist farmers to establish or expand into agritourism by employing professional or specialist services or constructing or modifying on-farm infrastructure.

This is the final round, so be sure to apply.  Applicants who missed out in the first round may apply again.

Round 2 opened Wednesday, 5 October 2022.  APPLY HERE.

Round 2 closes at midnight on Sunday, 13 November 2022

View the Information Fyler HERE, and scroll down to support materials and FAQs.


  • Friday, 25 November – Judging Panel Decides Successful Applicants
  • Monday, 28 November – Successful Applicants Notified
  • By Monday, 12 December – Media Announcements
  • Thursday 1 June 2023 – Financial Acquittal. Please see FAQ below.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Cash co-contribution

    A maximum of $25K is available to match your funds i.e., the grant is not a reimbursement.

    For example, if you have $25K of your own cash to spend, you can apply for a grant of $25K to match it, taking your project budget to a total of $50K.  Any figure up to $25K is permissible, so long as you can match it.

  • GST

    The amounts referred to for this grant are pre-GST.  The monetary value of the grant will be awarded to successful applicants with GST added.

  • Financial Acquittal and Full Completion of Work

    You are not required to have all work completed by this date, rather the grant funds must have been spent so you can show evidence in your acquittal.  We understand that external parties can be difficult to organise in a timely manner, so financial commitment rather completion of work is what is required in order to acquit.


Agritourism is a tourism-related agricultural experience, service or product that connects visitors with people, places or products on a farm. Agritourism is an important growth industry for Queensland’s economy, particularly in regional and rural areas over the next decade and is worth an estimated $4.5 billion by 2030.

  • Agritourism offers opportunities for farmers
    • Create brand, establish provenance, and build reputation by
      sharing their farming story in the context of their people, place
      and produce
    • Innovate and diversify through value-added products and services
    • Increase income through agritourism revenue streams
    • Smooth volatility of cashflow
    • Monetise underutilised assets such as farm buildings and natural
    • Connect with locals and visitors to the area.
  • Eligible grant activities
    • Securing professional consultancy or specialist services to:
      • develop a business plan
      • develop the agritourism product offering / experience
      • provide legal or tax advice pertaining to business structures for new agritourism ventures
      • develop architect or design plans
      • develop risk management audits and plans
      • develop marketing collateral and tools such as product
        packaging, website design and hosting or photography and
      • market research or customer/visitor experience analysis
      • assist with making applications such as food safety
    • Infrastructure construction and/or installation (which must have the relevant approvals and permits in place to receive the grant
    • Provision of trades and services to facilitate the agritourism activity including fees for qualified and licenced trades such as electricians and plumbers as well as ‘handyman’ services
    • Safety fencing and signage
    • Relevant training
    • Purchase of goods directly pertaining to the agritourism venture
      (furniture for a farmstay facility as an example).
  • Eligibility criteria
    • Farms must be in Queensland
    • Businesses must be classified as a primary producer with the ATO
    • Only one grant may be applied per property/business
    • The farm must meet the definition of a small business by the ATO or ABS
    • Grants cannot be used to fund local or state government fees such as land-use planning applications, food safety certification, or liquor licencing fees
    • Grants cannot be used to fund owner or employee salaries or on-costs.


Please contact QFF for more information

If there are any questions regarding eligible activities which are not defined above, please contact qfarmers@qff.org.au.