AgTech Officer Placement Program

The Queensland Farmers’ Federation (QFF) is connecting graduates or people working in IT/technology and agriculture related fields to accredited training, mentorship, and networking opportunities.

We’re looking for Agricultural Digital Technology Support Officers (AgTech Officers) to complete a 12-month work placement program commencing in the second half of 2024.

As an AgTech Officer, you will be placed with an agribusiness for a commencing in the second half of 2024. Through the agribusiness, you will:

  • be connected with a mentor
  • be engaged and empowered to complete multiple skill sets as identified in an individual work plan tailored to your desired outcomes of the placement
  • have the opportunity for networking with subject matter experts at industry events.
  • What is the eligibility?


    Ideally, applicants will be graduates with a minimum of a Certificate IV or Bachelor’s degree from an IT/ Technology or agriculture related field.

    However, applications will be assessed on a case-by-case basis so if you have relevant experience and knowledge without formal qualifications, or are currently studying, you are still encouraged to apply.


    Ideally, you will be located in, or willing and able to relocate or commute to, the following locations where host agribusinesses are most likely to operate from:

    • Toowoomba
    • Western Downs
    • Bundaberg
    • Mackay
    • Sunshine Coast
    • Burdekin
    • Cassowary Coast
    • Central Highlands
    • Brisbane
    • Mareeba
    • Cairns

    You must also meet the following requirements:

    1. You are aged 15 years or over.
    2. You permanently reside or are willing and able to relocate to Queensland.
    3. You are an Australian citizen, or a New Zealand citizen, or hold an eligible visa as as identified here.
    4. Meet any additional eligibility requirements identified through this Initiative.

    The following individuals are NOT eligible participants for this agreement: 

      1. Secondary school students.
      2. Employees of government departments, government agencies and local councils.
      3. Apprentices and Trainees as defined in the Further Education and Training Act 2014; and
      4. All others that do not meet eligibility requirements as mentioned above.
  • Will it cost me to participate?

    This program is completely free for the Agtech Officer to participate in.

    Will I get paid?

    Yes, you will be paid at a rate negotiated with your host organisation.

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AgTech Signup - Hosts

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As a host, you will have an AgTech Officer placed in your agribusiness for a 12-month work placement.

The AgTech Officer will be connected with a mentor in your agribusiness who will work with the AgTech Officer to:

• complete multiple skill sets as identified in an individual work plan tailored to the graduate and your businesses desired outcomes of the placement,
• provide opportunities for networking with subject matter experts at industry events and
• received mentorship training from a trusted third-party organisation through a face-to-face workshop and follow up webinars and modules.

  • Eligibility

    Type of business

    Eligible agribusinesses must primarily work in AgTech or agronomy-related industries or have AgTech or agronomy as a significant arm of your business.


    Ideally, your agribusiness will be located in the following locations:

    • Toowoomba
    • Western Downs
    • Bundaberg, Mackay
    • Sunshine Coast
    • Burdekin
    • Cassowary Coast
    • Central Highlands
    • Brisbane
    • Mareeba
    • Cairns

    Hosts from outside of these regions will be considered and are encouraged to apply.

  • Is there financial assistance?

    While there is no financial assistance available for host organisations, hosts will benefit from the following:

    • QFF will assist hosts in the recruitment and placement of agtech talent and help facilitate their professional development by providing guidance and resources for the mentor and graduate.
    • Your business will have the opportunity to increase capacity and exposure to knowledge, skills, support and confidence when it comes to adopting new digital technologies.
    • A senior staff member in your business will receive mentorship training from an accredited third-party (valued at up to $5000) to increase their mentorship capacity and leadership skills, improving future opportunities for knowledge sharing within your business between experienced staff and new team members.
    • Your business will be able to provide producers access to specialist advice, positioning your organisation at the forefront of AgTech in your region.
    Your investment in a full-time equivalent (FTE) employee for your business will work toward future proofing your business for technology adoptions and enhancement of your existing operations, especially should you consider taking them on after the program has ended


Please contact our project lead for more information by emailing agtech@qff.org.au or call 07 3837 4703.
Agriculture Graduate Placement Program Coordinator

Timmothy Bradley

The Agricultural Digital Support Work Placement Program is proudly funded by the Queensland Government through its VET Emerging Industries initiative.


The delivery of this Program is being supported by the Rural Jobs and Skills Alliance.