Climate Adaptation

The effects of climate change on the long-term viability of farm businesses across the state are a risk that must be managed.

Climate adaptation for agriculture centres on continuous improvement in the capacity of farmers to deal with a changing climate, and ensuring the necessary tools are available. Increasing the knowledge and understanding of climate change leads to more resilient farmers and their businesses. Increasing the resilience of the sector through better climate modelling and management tools is imperative for its long-term sustainability.

Risk management, in all its forms, is central to modern farming and business planning, and climate change must be considered a normal business risk that is incorporated into all decision making.

  • Agriculture Sector Adaptation Plan

    Agriculture Sector Adaptation Plan 

    Developed under the Queensland Climate Adaptation Strategy, this Agriculture Sector Adaptation Plan (Ag SAP) provided an opportunity to take stock of current adaptation activities and resources in Queensland’s agricultural sector. To ensure the plan addresses issues across the entire Queensland agriculture sector, QFF partnered with AgForce, the representative body for the extensive agriculture industries including grazing and grains. The Ag SAP identifies critical barriers, gaps and industry needs, and makes recommendations for future actions that provide a way forward for building a stronger and more sustainable sector.

    Developing the Ag SAP was only possible due to the contributions and support from several peak agricultural organisations. QFF thanks those organisations for their involvement and the Queensland Government for funding the work and having the wisdom to allow industry to develop this document.

  • Agriculture Sector Adaptation Action Plan for the East Coast North Sub-cluster

    Agriculture Sector Adaptation Action Plan for the East Coast North Sub-cluster

    This Action Plan for the East Coast North Sub-cluster is a high level plan that translates recommendations from the Ag SAP for on-farm actions for all the agricultural industries throughout this diverse region. The east coast north sub-cluster includes the Fitzroy Basin Association, Burnett Mary Regional Group and Health Land and Water Natural Resources Management (NRM) Groups.

    The Action Plan is a plan developed for industry by industry. It was developed collaboratively by QFF, AgForce, farmers, industry bodies, Queensland government departments and scientists with additional funding from the Department of Environment and Science.