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Peak Body for Agritourism - Queensland Farmers' Federation

Peak Body for Queensland Agritourism

QFF is establishing a peak industry body for agritourism in Queensland to launch in May 2024.

The peak body will represent the interests of primary producers who have established agritourism operations as well as those primary producers looking to diversify their farming business with agritourism. In parallel with this project, QFF will be developing an agritourism planning guide for local governments.

Express Your Interest

QFF is currently seeking expressions of interest from industry stakeholders for ongoing input into the development of the peak body and from primary producers who may be interested in membership once established.

EOIs are very welcome from industry stakeholders e.g. representative bodies in farming and tourism, for ongoing input into the peak body both during its establishment or ongoing.


Express your Interest

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EOIs for prospective membership from primary producers are welcome.

Note, to be a member of this peak body, your existing or prospective agritourism operation must be ancillary business to your primary production.


Express your Interest

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  • Purpose of this project

    Agritourism helps to maintain the viability of active farms and rural communities.

    Queensland’s primary producers recognise that agritourism allows them to diversify and generate additional income through on-farm activities and that agritourism enterprises support and promote agricultural resources, traditions and culture.

    There is currently no representative body to advocate for and provide advice to primary producers with agritourism operations.

    The establishment of a peak body to represent the sector is critical, as agritourism and policy creation for linking tourism and agricultural development are essential to leveraging key opportunities for the sector and creating a united voice.

    Agritourism offers opportunities for farmers to:

    • Create brand, establish provenance, and build reputation by sharing their farming story in the context of their people, place and produce
    • Innovate and diversify through value-added products and services
    • Increase income through agritourism revenue streams
    • Smooth volatility of cashflow
    • Monetise underutilised assets such as farm buildings and natural aesthetic
    • Connect with locals and visitors to the area.
  • Agritourism Planning Guide for Local Governments

    In line with this project to establish a peak body for agritourism, an Agritourism Planning Guide for Local Governments will be developed. QFF has engaged the services of Precinct Planning to develop the guide and will be engaging key stakeholders for their support and endorsement.

    Navigating local government regulation and planning requirements is becoming increasingly difficult for farmers. As activity in agritourism increases, many councils are finding it challenging to meet demand.

    There needs to be more consistency across various Councils regarding their approach and attitude towards agritourism for various reasons.

    This guide will be a capability-building resource for Councils to achieve a more streamlined, industry-friendly and consistent approach to planning assessments in agritourism and provide guidance on planning for rural worker accommodation on farm.

    The guide will be launched in line with the peak body in May 2024.

  • How this project came about: Agritourism work at QFF

    In 2020, QFF in partnership with agritourism specialists Regionality Pty Ltd developed the Queensland Agritourism Roadmap (the Roadmap) to assist Queensland to realise the $4.5 billion dollars that could be generated by the agritourism sector for the Queensland economy by 2030.

    The Roadmap identified the core themes and strategic actions where collaborative effort is required to establish a thriving agritourism sector across regional Queensland. The three core themes were:  Strategic Leadership; Regulatory and Policy Reform; and Agritourism Sector Development.

    In the spirit of this collaboration, DAF partnered with QFF to provide funding to deliver the Queensland Agritourism Grants Program which concluded in June 2023. That program offered primary producers a 50% co-contribution up to a maximum of $25,000 to match their own funds, to help them establish or expand into agritourism.

    In early 2023 QFF won further funding to establish a peak body for agritourism and to develop a local government planning guide for agritourism.

Queensland Agritourism Success Stories


A special thanks to the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries for providing these videos.



Enquiries are welcome. Please contact project manager Rebecca Donohoe, Chief Operating Officer and Special Projects
M: 07 3837 4722 E:
Chief Operating Officer, and Special Projects

Rebecca Donohoe

This project is made possible with funding from the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries and the Queensland Farmers’ Federation.