Farm business resilience program

The purpose of the QFF Family Farm Enterprise Risk and Resilience Program is to build the strategic management capacity of farmers to prepare for, and manage business and climate risks, and improve economic, environmental and social resilience.

The Program will help farmers identify gaps in business strategy and support learning in areas including strategic business skills, risk management, family business, natural resource management and natural hazards management.

Drought assistance program

Drought is one of the biggest challenges faced by primary producers and has significant economic, environmental and social impacts. It is important drought is planned for and managed in a business-as-usual approach, as much as possible.

The Queensland Government has introduced new drought assistance packages to help Queensland primary producers better manage future droughts through proactive measures, including tailored training, grants and loans. The new drought preparedness measures will be open to all primary producers without needing a drought declaration.

Farmers will need a Farm Business Resilience Plan or similar to apply for the Queensland Government’s drought assistance grants and loans. A rebate of 50 per cent to a maximum of $2,500 will be available to primary producers for the professional cost of developing a Farm Business Resilience Plan for their property. Producers can also contact their industry representative to discuss complimentary participation in their program.

Information and resources

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This program is jointly funded through the Australian Government’s Future Drought Fund and the Queensland Government’s Drought and Climate Adaptation Program.