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22 Mar 2017

Only the right kind of regulation will help the reef

The Queensland Government’s recently released discussion paper proposing a broadening of regulation in the reef catchments has once again raised the important question of balancing the perceived...
15 Mar 2017

Time for broader thinking on drought support

By now it is implicit that the summer wet season did not meet the expectations of many Queensland farmers. Across the state, the hot summer saw a record number of days 35°C or warmer in 12...
8 Mar 2017

Leadership needed on electricity

The rising cost of electricity continues to be the number one common concern across intensive agriculture. Many farm businesses continue to experience unsustainable price increases, and...
1 Mar 2017

Biosecurity wake up

The recent white spot disease (WSD) outbreak affecting the Queensland prawn industry is a reminder of the vulnerability of Australia’s disease-free farming systems to exotic pests and diseases. Our...
22 Feb 2017

Water and Agriculture a natural fit

Agriculture and water are inextricably linked, with farming accounting for around 70 per cent of water used in the world today. In Australia and in Queensland, agriculture is responsible for the...
15 Feb 2017

Plastic Fantastic – Ag-Plastic Recycling Opportunities

Plastics in agriculture have increased productivity and efficiencies throughout the sector, reducing labour-hours and chemical sprays on farm, retaining soil moisture and lowering food production...
8 Feb 2017

Farm debt and rural finance an ongoing issue

Farm debt and rural finance options are consistent themes of discussion and debate within agriculture. Dealing with farm debt issues will again feature in this year’s political cycle in Queensland...
1 Feb 2017

Water too important to ignore

If there is one issue that unites all of Queensland’s agricultural industries, its water. Living on the second driest continent on earth after Antarctica has made Australia one of the highest per...
25 Jan 2017

Prime agricultural land under threat

By 2050 Australian agriculture will be expected share the burden and opportunities that come with feeding an extra two billion people worldwide. We hear it time and time again from industry leaders...
18 Jan 2017

Momentum and commitment needed to make multi-peril a reality

As if almost like clockwork, during the lead in to every new year’s cropping season there is the inevitable discussion about crop insurance, in particular multi-peril crop insurance (MPCI). For...
11 Jan 2017

Has the Ag sector ‘come of age’ on social media?

Last year the agricultural sector experienced firsthand the power of engaging in and having a presence on social media. In particular, 2016 saw two campaigns that suggest a ‘coming of age’ on...
4 Jan 2017

QFF ready for the 2017 Election Year

If the bush telegraph is right, this New Year means Queensland is staring down the barrel of another election. 2017 is shaping up to be a big year for the entire sector and in particular the...